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CTMod – 3.0

With the long awaited 3.0 patch, some code changes had to be made to ensure mods so many people have used for so many years remained up and running.  In light of that, I would like to send a huge thank you to Dargen, another mod author who spent time working on getting CTMod up to speed.  CTMod is the longest running mod or compilation still around today, having begun in the Alpha phase of the original ‘classic’ game, and with several hundred thousand users in the US alone, I’m very happy to be able to provide you all with an updated version for the 3.0 Wrath of the Lich King preparation patch.

For those of you who don’t know Dargen, or just want to see some other mods he’s developed, you can visit his portal at WoWInterface linked below.  I have full confidence in his coding ability, and applaud his professionalism and quality of both coding and notes.

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With that being said, the mods listed below (and available on the <a href=””>downloads</a> page) have all been updated for the 3.0 patch.


As of WoW version 3.0, the following mods are being discontinued:

Below is a more complete summary of what was changed in the addons that were updated.

– The casting bar timer now displays when the player is casting or channeling.
– Alt + Right Click to buy a stack from a merchant should now work.
– Friend, ignore, and player notes now use a wider edit box.
– Chat timestamps no longer display in the combat log chat frame (uses Blizzard’s timestamp instead).

– No longer shows the letter “r” after the current aspect ratio when it is less than 1.

– You can now select a single server or all servers.
– You can now view the total expenses for a single server.
– The number shown after the server name is the number of characters that have expense data.
– The Log tab now shows data just for the selected character on the selected server.
– Scrolling through the log data is now faster.
– Now handles death knights, and should work with any new class added in the future.
– No longer records free flights as an expense.

– Moved the “Display notes” menu to the lower part of the screen.
– Moved the “Notes filter” button to the left.
– The filter edit box is now wider.
– Should now recognize more types of mining nodes.
– Added the Isle of Quel’Danas and all Northrend zone names. Herb gathering and mining in these zones should now be recorded on the map.

– The key ring can now be moved by itself.
– The class bar will now be displayed for death knights and priests with shadow form.
– The class bar should now appear for any class that has a shapeshift/stance/etc bar.
– Fixed the long standing problem where the class bar would sometimes not be movable.

– The timer progress bars for buffs and debuffs no longer reset to the full width of the CT_BuffMod window when you log in, change zones, or reload your UI.