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CTMod – 4.0 for Live realms

All of the CTMod addons have been updated for the WoW 4.0 patch. Two of them had some noteworthy changes:

CT_BarMod (4.002)
– Added support for the new flyout bars associated with some new abilities (warlock “Summon Demon”, hunter “Call Pet”, mage “Portal”, mage “Teleport”).
– The key bindings section in the options window has been renamed to “Button options”.
– You can now configure the direction of the flyout bar for each button that is assigned an ability with a flyout bar.
– Added support for the new animated glow that the default UI sometimes shows on a button.

CT_BuffMod (4.002)
– Due to a change made by Blizzard, addons are no longer able to cancel buffs when you right click on a buff’s icon unless the addon uses secure frames for the buffs.
– Since CT_BuffMod currently uses insecure frames, you will not be able to cancel any buffs in the CT_BuffMod window.
– An updated version of CT_BuffMod that uses secure buttons to allow you to cancel buffs is being worked on, but is not ready yet.
– There are options in CT_BuffMod that will let you show Blizzard’s default buff frames so that you can cancel buffs.
– An alternate way to cancel buffs is to use the /cancelaura command with a spell name in a macro.