Installing CTMod should be very simple, but this should help anyone that’s having trouble.

  1. Visit our download page. On the download page, you can click the info and screenshots to see what each mod does, and select the ones you would like to download. If you want just a ‘base’ version of CT, you should download the Basic package.
  2. Open or extract the .zip file to a directory. It should extract each mod to a separate CT_Directory with that mods name.
  3. Open your hard drive browsing program (windows explorer for example) and locate your World of Warcraft directory. Inside the World of Warcraft directory, open the Interface directory followed by the AddOns directory.
  4. Copy all CT_ directories into your AddOns directory. CTMod should now be installed if you restart the game completely.
  5. When loading the game, if you have CT_Core installed, you should now be able to see the CT minimap icon. Click it to bring up the control panel for CTMod.
  6. If you don’t have CT_Core installed, but want to bring up the control panel to configure other mods; you can use the slash command, “/ct” to open it.

Making CTMod work after patches

If you would like to verify that your mods are installed, or would like to disable version checking so your mods should continue to work after patches, you can do the following:

At the character select screen, click the “Addons” button in the bottom left corner. You should see a list of all mods that are installed correctly. To allow mods to work after patches without changing a version number, you check the box in the upper right; load out of date add-ons.

Customizing CTMod once in game

Once you’ve got CTMod up and running in game, the first thing to do is click the CT icon on your minimap if you have CT_Core installed. If not, use the “/ct” slash command. This is the CTMod control panel, where all options are set. You can move the CT icon by clicking and dragging it. There are pages within the control panel for each CT Mod you have installed, so browse through them and adjust options to meet your needs. Be it free poker or any other game, it is important to customize your settings for a better and more enjoyable game play. For information on what each Add-on does, you should click the info and screenshot links on our downloads page.

Still don’t see it?

If after you’ve installed it, you don’t see an Add-ons button show up at character select, or the CT icon in game, ensure that your spelling is exact. For example:

  • World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\CT_Core
  • World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\CT_BarMod
  • World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\CT_BuffMod
  • World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\CT_RaidAssist

Each add-on must be in its own folder, and the spelling for each one must be correct.