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User submitted CT_MapMod for 7.1

A CTMod fan, Jeff, submitted a potential fix for CT_MapMod that is erroring for people in 7.1. I’m adding the file via a direct link here as a test version. If others can confirm it does indeed fix up the bugs, I’ll add it into the full download. Thanks Jeff!


You will likely still need to enable out of date addons.

Updates are unlikely – need a new coder

I haven’t heard back from Resike in a few months now so I don’t know if he’s still playing or not. There are some known issues with a new bar and the only suggestion I’ve seen other users say worked was to use the addon “Move Anything” to allow moving it.

If any other addon authors have any desire to help keep CTMod updated, please feel free to contact me. Neither myself or Cide, the original coder, play anymore. Even when I did, I wouldn’t have been able to fix anything as my role was design, I never did the backend side of things.

If I hear anything new or someone has some updates, I’ll be sure to post here.


Small update to CTMod for Legion (v 6pm PST


– Editbox fixes.
– Weapon enchant fix.
– Buff text should no longer wrap into multiple lines.
– Some other smaller fixes.
– Mail tooltip and mail log fixes.

– Some texture anchor fixes.