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CT_UnitFrames still bugging?

A few people have sent messages saying CT_UnitFrames is still having issues.  Is anyone else still experiencing them?  If so, any fixes found?

Update 3/11/13 @ 8:15am PST

I uploaded a hopefully new fixed file, please let me know if this one does/doesn’t work.

Update 3/11/13 @ 5:15pm PST

Seems like the bug isn’t fixed for a number of people.  I’ve received a ton of messages about the assist frame causing errors.  If anyone has a fix for this I’d appreciate it!

Update 3/12/13 @ 7:15pm PST

Dargen was able to take a quick look at the code and find a few mistakes that hopefully fix the bug everyone was having with the assist frame.

Update 3/15/13 @ 12:00pm PST

A few users were still experiencing some errors while in combat.  Dargen submitted another fix that should hopefully remedy those issues for all users.  Again as neither Dargen or myself have an active subscription to log into the game, if anyone experiences any issues please let me know via the contact page.

CTMod Updated for 5.2

Updated at 10:25pm PST

From the feedback I’ve received so far, the only mod having issues was CT_UnitFrames and thanks to an update from Vond over on the WoW UI forums, there’s an update in place that should fix those bugs. I’ve updated the .toc’s of all other mods so if anyone has any other issues, please contact me via the site and I’ll see if we can get them taken care of. The updates should be uploaded and live.


CTMod looking for a coder still…

I’ve received a ton of messages asking about updating for Patch 5.2, and unfortunately I still haven’t heard from anyone able to actually update the mods for any necessary bugs/fixes. For anyone wanting to use the mods, you can click the button at login to enable out of date addons and most will work just fine. I know CT_UnitFrames is having some issues but I haven’t heard any other reported errors yet.

If anyone has a fix for CT_UnitFrames or would like to attempt to fix it and/or other mods, please toss me a message via the comments section, thanks!